Machines that make natural sparkling water – Sodastream

If you can afford it, consider a machine at home that makes flavored sparkling water from tap water. With Sodastream, you use elegant reusable plastic bottles to hold the drinks. No electricity is required. It takes about 45 seconds to make the sparkling water. It is quicker to pull the tab off a soda can to drink the soda.

If you find yourself drinking lots of coffee, or regular soda, Sodastream could be a cool and fun way to drink more water. Drink at least two or more of the 1-liter bottles of sparking water or soda per day is about right. It uses natural ingredients in the drinks and is environmentally-friendly. 3 squirts for carbonation is good enough. The machine makes a swooshing noise. Your grand kids might love it. Starting price for the machines is about $80.

For those of you who are interested in the health benefits, the slender kitchen web site has an article about how much water to drink a day. You can click here for the article. Keep in mind that 1-liter is equivalent to about 4 cups, or 33.8 oz.

Prices for the Sodastream machines start at $80. Here’s a small product selection from the company:

Sodastream Sodamix Variety Pack (6 diet and 6 trial portion packs)

Sodastream 1-Liter Carbonating Bottles- Black (Twin Pack)

SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit   (A bestseller on Amazon: quick-start guide)

1 Liter, Yellow/Orange Carbonating Bottles (twinpack)

SodaStream True Lemon® Homestyle Lemonade

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