Better Way to Tango: SMS Messaging

You are having so much fun shopping as a tourist. At the last minute you realize that your travel group is about to leave for their next stop. Or there is a change of plans, perhaps due to bad weather, and there needs to be a quick way to reach you. Help! There is SMS group messaging to rescue your travel group. Or you can use it to send text messages to your ♥ family and friends back home. One message gets sent to all of them at once. Another alternative is to arm a group of people with buzzers or pagers when they are out exploring the city. Try it for FREE at SeniorTravelAide and see how it might work for you.


If you have a large mobile workforce that works independently away from your main office, calling them individually is time-consuming. There are mandated protocols and legal compliance to adhere to. Group messaging can automate those routine notifications. It frees up time to deal with the exceptions, such as a missed appointment,  that may require individual handling. It might work better than e-mails for some situations, especially when promptness is important.

We have the means to automate the link between the work performed on the computer and connecting it instantly to the mobile telephones that everybody seems to have nowadays. The approach streamlines some of the routine procedures, increases productivity, and only trigger situations that require urgent attention. Activity logs can be printed for hardcopies.

et_e043_32We offer a straightforward basic one-way messaging service. Nothing fancy. Try it for FREE at SeniorTravelAide and see if you like it.

Whether you love it nor not, what are your experiences with group texting on mobile telephones? Twitter has Direct Messaging, or DM. With it, you can set up group chat with up to 20 twitter users. This is akin to the traditional online chatroom. To the right, you may request notification of new postings, or write any comments below.


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