What’s the fizz about the Keurig Cold machine and the SodaStream Soda Maker?

Keurig (GMCR) will release Keurig Cold, the cold-drink version of its single-serve coffee machine this fall. You are going to have a new choice in addition to the SodaStream (SODA) soda maker machine. The new machine took Keurig engineers five years to develop the new product for people’s homes. It puts the fizz in drinks without using cartridges  and can add the right amount of bubbles. It is unclear exactly how it is done. You have to decide if it is worth the wait. You or someone you know may already have one of their K-Cup coffee makers at home. If anyone has more information about the upcoming Keurig Cold machine, please share them in the comments section below.Image result for keurig cold machine

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Share your love of television shows at home (Part 2 of 2)

Share your love of television shows at home (Part 2 of 2)

In part 1 of this post, if you love TV a lot, sharing Internet TV at home makes it more enjoyable and meaningful for your family. Stream new TV channels and discover exciting television content. Here in part 2, we explain the details of setting up internet streaming at home.

There is a plethora of excellent Internet TV channels to watch: Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO GO and more. The best deal is a subscription to Amazon Prime for TV for $99/year.

Streaming internet TV channels on your large-screen HDMI television set in the living room is quite affordable. For about $40 or so, the Roku Stick, or the Google Chromecast will do the job easily. I recommend the amazon Fire TV Stick with built-in voice remote. In the case of Google Chromecast, you have to install an app on your smartphone before you are able to select the TV channels with the smartphone.

You want a portable internet TV to watch shows as you go about your chores around the home. I recommend the Fire HD 6 tablet from Amazon. The 8Gb version goes for about $99. This is a 6-inch tablet that you carry with you at home. It will stream movies and shows as well as surf the web. Install the free Fire TV Remote App for voice control. Pressing a button will flip the TV show from the portable tablet over to the large-screen television set in the living room.

Finally the amazon version of the web site InstantWatcher is a very fast and easy way to search for streaming television content for viewing. The regular InstantWatcher web site searches for shows on Netflix, and here is the web site NASA HDTV.  The book Amazon Fire TV Stick Made Easy provides an extensive guide into all the features of the Fire TV Stick.

Start with setting up the Fire TV Stick on the television set in the living room. See how you like it.

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Share your love of Television Shows at Home (Part 1 of 2)

Share your love of television shows at home (Part 1 of 2)

For those of us living the semi-retired life at home (lucky you?) and you love your television shows, here is an idea to consider. You must love TV a lot because this may cost you USD $250 out of your pocket.

A portable TV you watch movies and shows with while you are barbecuing in the yard, or while you are in the exercise room, or cooking in the kitchen. Here’s the new twist on an old idea: If you are in the living room, pressing a button will “flip” that TV movie from the portable instantly onto the large-screen television set sitting in the room. Now grand kids can watch it with you.

There’s tons of quality television shows to watch on the internet: Cooking and exercise shows, NASA TV, and lots more. Yes, these are channels you stream right from the internet, some are free, and others may cost you $1 to $4 to watch online. It is the power of choice – you search and find any genre that interests you. Then watch them when it suits you at a convenient time and place. With the voice remote, you have the  option of searching by speaking into the portable gadget.

For football TV fans, do jumping-jacks in your exercise room when your team intercepts a pass; or if the opposing team fumbles, do some push-ups. You get the idea. For dog lovers, here are two samples to whet your TV appetite.

Through a Dog’s Eyes 2010 ★★★★½ PBS documentary Movie | Documentary explores the human-canine bond through the moving stories of service dogs and the people whose lives they change. This documentary takes a look at the rearing, training, and placement of service dogs, and the profound impact they have on the lives of all the people involved in the complicated process.

My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story 2009 ★★★★½ Cindy Adams New Video documentary Movie NR  | Explores the unique relationship between people and their beloved pets through candid interviews with notable dog lovers. Viewers are offered an intimate glimpse into the lives of these actors and musicians, Starring: Glenn Close, Richard Gere, Edie Falco (Rent SD 2.99 Buy SD 9.99)

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Machines that make natural sparkling water – Sodastream

If you can afford it, consider a machine at home that makes flavored sparkling water from tap water. With Sodastream, you use elegant reusable plastic bottles to hold the drinks. No electricity is required. It takes about 45 seconds to make the sparkling water. It is quicker to pull the tab off a soda can to drink the soda.

If you find yourself drinking lots of coffee, or regular soda, Sodastream could be a cool and fun way to drink more water. Drink at least two or more of the 1-liter bottles of sparking water or soda per day is about right. It uses natural ingredients in the drinks and is environmentally-friendly. 3 squirts for carbonation is good enough. The machine makes a swooshing noise. Your grand kids might love it. Starting price for the machines is about $80.

For those of you who are interested in the health benefits, the slender kitchen web site has an article about how much water to drink a day. You can click here for the article. Keep in mind that 1-liter is equivalent to about 4 cups, or 33.8 oz.

Prices for the Sodastream machines start at $80. Here’s a small product selection from the company:

Sodastream Sodamix Variety Pack (6 diet and 6 trial portion packs)

Sodastream 1-Liter Carbonating Bottles- Black (Twin Pack)

SodaStream Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker Starter Kit   (A bestseller on Amazon: quick-start guide)

1 Liter, Yellow/Orange Carbonating Bottles (twinpack)

SodaStream True Lemon® Homestyle Lemonade

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